Scammer or not?

i have been communicating with Olga Titenko, she says she is born August 12th 1987 and now lives in Donbas region, Novazovsk, Kirova Street 8, appartment 8, she has emailed me her passport but i want to know if she is a scammer please ? my email is

Hi New on here been emailing

Hi New on here been emailing a Russian girl from Kronstadt,she is 36 and wants to come over to UK made her way to Moscow

and now needs money to finish paperwork,£750 no bank account wants via western union to be paid to a Kseniya Burdina who apparantly works at the embassy.

The womans name is Olga Menintova supposed to be 36 any one heard of her??


I too have been contacted by

I too have been contacted by this same Russian lady with the exact same details as you were given and asking
for the same 956 Euros for airline tickets so she can get a Visa.She sent a copy of her old Passport saying she
needed to get a new Passport that would last 10 years.
We communicated from 13th June to now (Dec 12th).
She is now chasing me for the money.
How did your situation play out?

Phillip Piggott (not verified)

Hello, a russian girl is

Hello, a russian girl is writing to me since many month. Now she wants
to come to visit me. She has written the journey for 3 month is aout 956
€, she has 530 € for her own and she needs 426 € from me. Her name is
(she says) Yuliya Senyushkina, born in 03.08.1986, now living in Oblast
Nowosibirsk, in Town Berdsk, Karl-Marx-Straße, Haus 41, Wohnung 7
Index 633010, Telefon +79 680 235 575. What shall I do? Are you able to phone to her? Shall I send money? Please help me...


I keep trying to complete a

I keep trying to complete a scam report on Tatjana Velichko
Bakalova, building 23, apartment 34
Izum, Ukraine 64301


Olga Novolaevna to be located

Olga Novolaevna to be located in Russia, Novosibirsk region, g. Karasuk, ul. Sovetskaya, d-21. 632862 is trying to get money for Travel Agent "White Sail" under the name Karpunina Anastasiia Leonidovna. Is this a scam?.


Hi, Can you please help me ,


Can you please help me , i fell in love with a lady , her name is RAGIMOVA
ANNA SERGEEVNA, were in contact by email, but i haven't seen here live,
i only get pictures .she wanted to come to Ireland to get married and live
together.she was asking me for money .


Raisa Starygina

Raisa Starygina on the site adult friend finder has bee scamming people all over the world since 2007. Please find her and put her in prison.