Do old men really have chances to marry a young woman?

Why do old men think they can come to Ukraine and marry a woman half their age? What are their real chances?

Are women really interested to marry old men, or they just look for bank account?

Good chances to have virtual…

Good chances to have virtual relationships on paid basis on scams dating sites or with professional daters.



I believe that older men may…

I believe that older men may seek relationships with younger women in Ukraine due to a sense of increased desirability and success rooted in socioeconomic and cultural factors. Genuine relationships vary greatly and cannot be viewed as purely interest-based. There are both genuine emotions and strategic interests, making the results varied and individual. Remember that a successful partnership is usually built on mutual respect and shared values.

Matiy Kroler




Yes, you have chanses if you

Yes, you have chanses if you have huge bank account