Scammed by Alina Tkachuk on the Victoria Hearts family of sites



Time frame – December 2019 – August 2020

This is not only about the scammer but the dating sites hosting the fraud as well.  Victoria Hearts, Charmerly, Matchtruly, Ukrianianchram, Valentime, and more are all the same site operated by the same company.  Charmdate is a separate company that operates similar fraudulent schemes with a lot of the same ‘validated’ profiles.  This pertains to all these sites as well as the scammer herself.

Almost immediately after joining Victoria Hearts, and all other sites, I get bombarded with messages from hundreds of girls, some are obviously fake profiles and some not so obvious.  After a couple days I get to Alina’s message and after a few messages back and forth over the next few days we continue chatting as she appeared at the time to be one of the very few, if any, honest and genuine girls on this site(s).

Her story to me in the beginning is that she is an only child who lives with her parents in small village outside Kharkov.  She is just a full-time student who lives a very simple, humble life and isn’t interested in expensive/fancy things or to even talk about them.  About a month into our chat she drops her phone in the bath while taking her daily selfie.  From this point on she essentially has no phone or possible way of communicating with me anywhere but on whatever paid site I am on and will provide me any excuse as to why she is unable to.  She continued to profess her love for me the entire time on paid site and even tells me that she would marry me and only me.  I kept giving her the benefit of doubt and she kept taking advantage of this.

Her social media activity ironically got quiet soon after we started chatting, I got busy and didn’t check for a while. When I did much later on and was already deep into her deception, I notice that two months after she drops her phone in tub her phone numbers are posted on Instagram, free for the world to see...  Of course, I can call both at any time to place an order from her store but she continues to tell me that she has issues communicating with me anywhere except paid site. 

She had public posts admitting to living with Igor and how they started their store together (among others) shortly before we began chatting on paid site that were coincidently deleted soon after I asked her about them in January.  However, she continued to post Instagram stories professing her love for Igor Plichko during this time.  When asked about Strawberry Outlet she first told me it was her store, then it was Igor’s store, then it is someone named Iprofel, next it is Alina’s and a girlfriend of hers, then it is her girlfriend’s store that Alina just helps out with here and there, and finally back to the store being hers.

Alina would either ask or give me numerous hints to buy her a phone, laptop, perfume, purse, etc… and would even insult me if I didn’t send her something from the paid site(s) or do what she asks.  If I ask her to do anything at all such as take a current photo, she will either get offended and/or give me any excuse why she can’t and will never follow through on anything.  I did not send her money, (you pay the site for everything) even though she made at least one attempt to I did however, send her flowers which she said I was the only person to have ever done so and continued to do during this time while during same time posting flower deliveries that were not from me on her Instagram that she never bothered to explain.

She was robbed at least twice during this time frame with one story being almost word for word identical to one I was told by someone else (2 men in the street…) who scammed me on same site(s) earlier on (reported to site and STILL active…), among many other typical “bad luck” stories she or the family went through.  Any attempt in just asking to contact her off the site would offend her and she would put me through guilt trip for even thinking about it.

After finally having enough of all the lies and deception for 9 months, Alina asked me to buy her the English course offered through the paid site and the paid site only as stipulation to chat anywhere else off paid site.  I asked what I believe are logical questions such as: Do you know any English now?  Have you ever looked into taking an English class at the school you currently attend?  Have you ever tried to take any free lessons on any sites like YouTube?  How come you never mentioned or had much interest in this before when we talked about this?

Naturally all of my inquiries were offensive to her, she would give some random excuse why not, even told me at one point that I was forbidden from accessing public information, and remained adamant this course is the only “proven” one she will do.  Figuring this course is “proven” customer service should be able to give me some verifiable information about it, which after contacting them I was only more confused from their responses and was finally convinced everyone is lying to/deceiving me and I have been paying a fortune for this.  For the record, this English course they offer has been a gift on the site since I signed up and their response about it being new is a blatant lie in my opinion.

Still having hundreds of credits remaining to burn on this fraud that the company will not refund you no matter what you can prove, I tried one final test and offered her to pick any tutor from Preply (something I can verify) that any honest or even reasonable person should at the very least consider but of course not Alina Tkachuk.  Knowing this is only going to cause me more stress, anxiety, loss of sleep/appetite, and cost me more financial losses the longer I want to keep playing this game of fraud, I walked away as another victim (again) while she is still active (as of this posting) doing what she does.

Whether I was talking to Alina or not at any point during our chat history she did accept my gifts which makes her a willing and knowing participant in this fraud.  I was honest, addressed/asked Alina about many inconsistencies in her story numerous times, Alina had every opportunity to be honest with me or about her true intentions, and Alina still chose to lie and deceive not only me but everyone else paying to believe or trust her on this site(s).  This is fraud.

My financial losses from being deceived and scammed by Alina Tkachuk as well as everyone else involved the past 9 months on this site(s) are greatly over $5k.  Thankfully, the virus shutdown prevented me from taking my trip I had booked to meet her otherwise my financial losses and emotional suffering would be substantially higher than they already are.  I have reported other girls to the site(s) already in the past and they have “verified” all their stories and sent me on my way with 200 credits for my troubles.  There is no point reporting anything to the site(s) as they appear to be completely compliant in allowing it and have proven to me that they themselves can’t even be trusted.

In terms of the company; I am not aware of any honest or legitimate companies that have at least five mirror sites they reference as affiliates but do not fully disclose by name or even link to, change their billing details every month, sign an email message with a different name than the name on account it was sent from, violate their own terms and conditions they expect the consumer to follow, clearly make no effort in checking any social media accounts as part of their verification process for their validated users they are providing the consumer and the consumer is paying to believe or trust, allow blatant lies and violations of their terms by the same validated users verified by company, will do absolutely nothing and continue to allow the deception/fraud even after it has been reported or proven, appear to not know much or give the consumer multiple versions about what they are selling or providing the consumer, and want absolutely no liability for anything they are offering to the consumer.  How many honest or legitimate companies has anyone done business with that operates like this?

Additionally, since deleting my account, which was a two-week hassle on its own, I am suddenly receiving obvious romance scam emails from random Russian and Ukrainian girls to my personal email account used to sign up for this site(s).  This is a very odd occurrence to me as I never had this happen until shortly after requesting to delete my account.  I now think this is another extension to their pay-to-chat fraud they host and I have every reason to believe that it is.

This example is only one of the many girls that lied to, deceived, or scammed me on this site(s). Based on my experience and further research these sites are 100% fraudulent, believe there are multiple other companies outside of these two involved, and would advise everyone for their own health, well-being, and sanity to either cut your losses now or simply stay away.  Pick a girl, the stories/excuses/gift requests are all interchangeable and the end result will be the same.  My reality and bank statements don’t lie.

Alina Tkachuk asked in our chat to start a brand, create a store to sell products with her name or face on them, asked to be the face of the brand and therefore was ironically created to satisfy these requests.  This is a safe and free educational site to share the long-term scam I was victim of, expose this fraud, educate/inform the public, and hopefully prevent future losses to other consumers worldwide.

To think or know that you are being deceived or scammed, have it gradually verified over time, and to have to pay any amount of money to become a victim is a horrible experience for anybody to go through and be left to live or deal with afterwards.  Please use my experience as the lesson that prevents you or others you care about from becoming another victim of this extremely manipulative fraud.

I will volunteer any assistance, advice, or time I have to anyone I can provide help to.  This fraud has to be stopped.


Scammer - Alina Tkachuk

Boyfriend - Igor Plichko

Store – Strawberry Outlet

Kharkov, Ukraine 61000


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