Dating sites and marriage agencies scams


Report Russian marriage agencies and dating sites scams.

When dating a woman, beware if she has a husband or boyfriend but doesn’t tell you.

Hello guys. I want to tell you a short story about wasted time and money. 

It began on Anastasiadate site, where I met Janna first time. When I was in Ukraine for business purpose, we decided to meet face to face and she invited me to her place for dinner. And suddenly she is married! 

Nothing bad happened, but take your time and make sure that your fiancee is single and really wants to date a foreigner. 

My worst experience with Ukrainian scammers!

Hello everyone. I would love to share my story with you. 

About a year ago I created an account on emilydates in order to find a soulmate. Two weeks later I met there Anastasia. First impression is the strongest one, it's true. Anastasia seemed to be nice, honest and talkative. In few months I came to Ukraine to meet her, and we had some dates. 

Everything was going pretty well, I stayed in Ukraine for tho months with Anastasia, and invited her to move to US. We planned everything perfectly, only preventive thing left - papers. As I had to leave back to US due to business issues, and I gave her $2000 so she could deal with papers. 

Then she disappeared and blacklisted all my contacts! Why do people do that?

Typical grammar mistakes of Russian and Ukrainian scammers.

Scammers usually are not good english-speakers. You can easily reveal them by "google" patterns and imperfect wording, for example "My English is well enough". 

The reason is very simple - those people "think" with their native language and translate into English very literally

Let's post here other mistakes and hunt them down.

Ukraine Brides Agency scammers

Hello. I met a woman on Ukrainebrides, everything seem to be nice, but she never gave me neither her phone number, nor email and other contacts. Also she had never sent me any videos. I googled some of her profile pics and found "her" instagram - different name, age and person at all! 

It looks like someone stole pictures and created fake account.

Guys, don't trust this site, it just wants your money