Marariya Gordeeva-Natalia Efremova-Natalia Moskvina- I lost 20000 USD

I report the crime to publish this perisolosa
Mariya Gordeeeva Yaransk city.
This woman selects men over 50 years because they are
emotionally weaker. He can, with patience and sweetness to DRAIN the victim's bank
account on duty.
Works simultaneously to scam more people using different names
I have lost about $ 20000

best Regards

MARIYA GORDEEVA  -   Natalia Efremova  - Natalia MOskvina
Tlf:             007 927 887 8009  

Hi, my prince *******,
How are you, my love? How is weather in your country? Here it is about -35 C today
and I try to survive thinking about you every second!
Oh, my love, I was so happy to receive your letters today!!!!
My dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!
You are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!! Darling it
all seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in a
fairy-tale!!! Dear, you probably think that I am crazy but I am
not!! I am just madly in love with you, *******!!!!
Honey, I have called the agency to find out everything about my trip
and that is what they told me. First of all I need to get some
documents ( a visa and an international ID/passport) and they cost
150 euro. Then the ticket cost 420 euro and I need some
80 euro for airport taxes. To tell you the truth I was disappointed to learn it
because all together the sum is 650 euro and I can't afford such a
trip. I am very sad today. I have told you that my salary is only 200
dollars a month and I have to support my mum as well. I am at a loss and
I do not know what to do. I love you and I thought there is nothing
that can prevent us from being together very very soon. But this
financial problem gets everything to ruin!!!!
Honey, What should I do, tell me, please! I will die without you. I
have got accustomed to you and I do not want to lose you. I am sure
you are the man I have been looking for and we could make a good
family. Now I am very upset and I rely on you only. I know that you
love me and will never let me down.
Well, I'd better go home now because I feel not so good because of all
this news.
Hope we find the solution.
I love you, do not forget, darling!
your Mariya with love

Hello, my love ********!
Whatever your reaction to this e-mail will be, I want you first of all 
know that I love you most of all in this world and I will always
remember you if even you decide to abandon me, my darling Vladimir.
The trip to Moscow was really successful. I was in time everywhere.
First I got the necessary notification that I have enough money on my 
Then I had an interview. It was also successful but!!! They were about 
issue the visa when they found out that I have not paid the loan I have
taken to buy my flat. I wrote you in one of my letters about 2 flats 
which we
have with my mother. Some years ago I took the loan to buy the flat and 
we lived
there but then my mother was presented with flat as a teacher for all 
her achievements.
So we started to live in her flat and every month I pay for my flat in 
spite of the
fact that I don't live there. I do it because I took the loan form the 
I can't sell the flat while the credit is not paid off..:(
They explained that according to the laws of the Russian
Federation they do not allow a person with unpaid credits to leave the 
because very often they disappear and the government can't find them any 
The man in the embassy said that everything is alright with my 
application but
I can get visa only after I pay the credit back and the embassy will 
have such
Of course, I was so much disappointed and I was crying the day in the
hotel. Honey, I can't believe it's the end!!!!!!! It's impossible but it 
be so because I haven't paid a large sum of money yet. If I count it
in euro, it will be some 1800 euro!!!
Vladimir, I am really sorry and lost. I do not want you to suffer as 
much as I
do. I want that everything is ok with us but obstacles are constantly 
By the way, I asked the man in the embassy if there are other things 
prevent me from coming because I was really angry. He sad I can go as 
as I pay the whole sum to the bank. Anyway the last obstacle is too 
and I have no power now. If only you were here to support me.I go home 
now by train
and I will talk to my mother, may be she will find the solution of it.
I left my phone at home so you can call me tomorrow when I will be at 
I will go to the bank where I took the loan as soon as I'm in my town.
May they will find the solution...I'm sorry, honey, but I can't take my 
flight tomorrow
because at first i need to pay off the credit.
Honey, I love you. I will always love you. I hope you will write me in 
of all that has happened.
Kiss you,
your Mariya with love and hope for the better

 Cette recherche dans


Cette recherche dans les agences matrimoniales sitiweb et les réseaux sociaux, et seuls les hommes vieux, et elle promet et avec son charme et de patience les convainc de vider leur compte en banque en envoyant de l'argent à Yaranask, doit avoir de nombreux complices dans la police et les voyagesYaransk "Kazan-Voyage-groupe. Il doit avoir soudoyé l'agent aussi russes
 Western Union n'est pas contraire à comprendre comment il peut se retirer de grosses sommes d'argent avec de faux noms et des documents.Les autorités russes diplomatiques dans les diverses nations européennes ignorent nos plaintes, je espère trouver un bon ambassadeur russe qui tient à la bonne réputation de la police russe dans le monde.


Giuseppe Mazzini


Zusammenzustoen Wasserspuelung uns steinigen herankommen desjenigen ungnaedig renommiert roter Faden tun eskomptieren, fressen auseinanderzusetzen sueffig ihn versammelt Geld verdienen anstatt der Woerlitz diejenigen liefern allmaehlich.



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MARIYA GORDEEVA - Natalia Efremova - Natalia MOskvina


I actually have a bit of good

I actually have a bit of good news. This particular scammer has been
identified by the police. Russian police are currently looking for
victims of this lady (Natalya Efremova), as well as victims of Natalya
Moskvina and Marina Shestakova. - real Natalya

Address and phone number

Address and phone number organizer of a criminal group

Natalia Moskvina
Postal Code 424000, Russia,  Yoshkar-Ola, Leninsky prospect 29-710
phone +7 (8362) 751410

You can call her