How to tell if her photos are fake?

Hi guys.

I have recently registered on juliadates com, and just in five munites Diana sent me a message. She looks nice, is there a way to check if she is real? 


Yes, whatsapp with a camera…

Yes, whatsapp with a camera is a good way to check it


just talk to her on whatsapp…

just talk to her on whatsapp through the camera 


You can try reverse

You can try reverse engineered profile pictures by searching for them on Google Images, but a good hacker will be able to edit them enough to make them untraceable. So what signs can you hope to find?

- The profile contains very few photos or no real photo of a person.

- It was created recently - in the past year or two. Unless the person is very young, most of us opened our Facebook accounts in 2006-2007. Look for signs of long-term use of the account.

- Little or no common contact. When the profile has nothing in common with you, like friends or even a professional interest, and they are trying to add you, it is probably for malicious reasons.

- When a profile adds you but once you accept them, there is no more interaction with this user. It is a classic sign that the profile is fake. The person behind the false identity just got what he / she wanted and will avoid talking to you in the hope that you will forget it.


Photos are the first

Photos are the first "tangible" elements to verify. View the person's page and if the page is not blocked by privacy settings, retrieve the photos. Go to Google Images and upload the photos one by one. If the photo was stolen on the internet, it will be easy for you to find the person to whom it belongs and you will then be sure that the profile in question is fake.


You should study the photos

You should study the photos and compare them with the speech of the person you are talking to. If he or she tells you that he has a child but you never see a child in the photos, it can make you think.


Scammers, these morons who

Scammers, these morons who are the source of “heart scams” on the Internet, have the annoying tendency to always steal the photos of the same people for their false profiles. Often a beautiful sexy fiftieth to trap men, or a handsome graying and sporty man to trap women.

First thing: start by analyzing the photos of the potential fake facebook account. If it is for example the account of a teenager and there are only 2 or 3 photos, it may be suspicious. With Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…. young people spend their time taking pictures of them and posting them. Why would there be only 2 photos?

Second thing: use Google’s “reverse image search” function to find out if the photo is elsewhere on the Internet. If the scammer uses a photo known to Google, you'll get the answer right away.


Regardless of the site on

Regardless of the site on which you are dealing with a fake account, know that it is quite possible to locate or even flush out most of these fake profiles. Google Image Search is a tool incorporated into Google allowing you to quickly compare the profile photo of the suspicious person with the proposals of the search engine. To do this, drag the image of the fake profile (which you will have previously saved on your computer) into the Google Image search bar, and you will see similar images detected by Google as well as the list of sites that have published this image. Note that this technique is not 100% foolproof, but you can still try other image comparison sites. Incidentally, we should also point out that most fake accounts have only one profile photo.


Ask her to send you video or

Ask her to send you video or smth like that.